Where’s Waldo? Where’s Wally? Where’s Walter?

Where’s Waldo? Where’s Wally? Where’s Walter?

Who are these guys? Where are they?

As it turns out, Waldo, Wally and Walter are the same person, making it easier for Wally Watchers to catch up with the fellow. Waldo, it seems, also has the aliases Charlie, Holger, Valli, Willy, Hetti and Effy. He uses Charlie when in France, Holger in Denmark, Walter in Germany, Valli in Iceland, Willy in Norway, Hetti in Goa and Sri Lanka and Effy in Israel.

When Wally is in America, he goes by the name of Waldo.

Wally, Waldo, Walter, Charlie, Holger, Valli, Willy, Hetti and Effy – One and the Same

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In 1987, Martin Handford released the first Where’s Wally book in the UK. It was so popular that the character’s name was adapted for 28 countries in order to make the character more lovable to readers within that nation. So the next time you search for Wally, look out for his bulging pocket of passports.

Wally is a tall, thin character with a red and white striped shirt and hat. He wears glasses and carries a wooden walking stick. In the Where’s Wally books, the aim is to find Wally in a busy scene.

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An Example of a Where’s Waldo/Wally Illustration

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Where’s Wally Characters

In Handford’s first two books, Wally was the only character that needed to be found. More characters were added over the years and Wally also became forgetful, which meant that there were now more characters and new objects to be found in the busy, humorous illustrations.


Other characters include Odlaw (which is Waldo backwards). Odlaw is Wally’s arch-nemesis and he is dressed in yellow and black. Odlaw is presumably the evil character in the book, though he is never shown doing anything particularly spiteful in the pictures.

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