Best Photoshopped Man Animal Hybrids

Best Photoshopped Man Animal Hybrids

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and sculptures depict creatures that are half-human, half-beast. Centuries later, artists are still fascinated by Manimals – man animal hybrids.

Ancient history, myths, legends, science fiction and fantasy stories abound with tales of half man, half animal creatures. Werewolves, centaurs and even the world famous Egyptian Sphinx are common composite creatures formed from the merging of two species.


In ancient Greek mythology, centaurs are hybrid animals that consist of a human torso attached to a horse’s body, replacing the horse’s head. Centaurs have been featured in a number of fantasy books and movies, including Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Mermaids and Mermen

Mermaids are aquatic mythological creatures that are a hybrid of a human and a fish. In old English, the word ‘mere’ meant ’sea’, so a mer-maid is a sea maiden. Mermaids are popular creatures in folk lore and children’s stories. These marine manimals have been popularised in modern culture by movies like Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Splash.

Photoshop Man Animal Hybrids

For digital artists, imaging software programs like Adobe Photoshop and ZBrush open up a world of possibilities. Photographs of two different creatures, man or animal, can be merged to create entirely new creatures, animals that roam the realm of fantasy and imagination.

Hybrid creatures of myths and legends are traditionally half-human and half-animal, with a distinct point of joining between the two creatures, as seen earlier with centaurs and mermaids. Modern artists have taken this hybridization a step further, combining several areas of the two species’ bodies to create a complete creature composition. In the picture above, the artist has combined the goat’s hooves with the human hands, along with the bone structure of the face. Coarse hair and wiry muscles add to the half-man, half-goat design. In Greek mythology, this creature would be called a satyr.

Even though the artist has kept the original shape of the owl’s eyes, pictured above, the eyes have a strangely human appeal. The most human part of this digital art piece is the nose that replaces the beak, though even this human characteristic has been successfully merged into the owl’s features. 

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Jaison, posted this comment on Nov 30th, 2010

Some excellent work. Where do you get these high quality images from?

PSingh1990, posted this comment on Nov 30th, 2010

Nice Share.


BruceW, posted this comment on Nov 30th, 2010

I seen the centaur woman one before, but the others are new to me. And if anyone complains you can see her boobs, just reply that she\’s an animal, not a human, so it\’s OK! No-one expects horses to wear bras after all!

dino renaldo, posted this comment on Nov 30th, 2010

good share thanks!

Ken Gack, posted this comment on Dec 1st, 2010

Amazing artwork.
I would like to see some good renditions of a minataur in this this genre…
- Ken

crisdiwata, posted this comment on Dec 1st, 2010

I can see your topics are always fascinating. Keep them coming.

mamagy, posted this comment on Feb 22nd, 2011

Great share! I like art, sadly I have not enough time to get involved so much, I’d like…

Truth and Justice, posted this comment on Mar 29th, 2011

The centaur woman was indecent exposure disguised as art. Others were O K

FreddyE, posted this comment on Apr 5th, 2011

That male centaur looks really great!

duckletshut, posted this comment on May 10th, 2011

cool pictures! I like the robot women

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