10 Paintings by Adolf Hitler

10 Paintings by Adolf Hitler

Hitler is known for being one of the most evil and murderous men in Jewish history. Yet few people know that he also produced a large amount of paintings, focusing on flowers, landscapes and cathedrals.

Adolf Hitler, failed dictator of Germany during World War II, produced a variety of oil and watercolor paintings. In addition to being responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people, including the genocide of six million Jews, Hitler was an artist who used cathedrals and flowers as subject matter for many of his paintings.


Image Source


Image Source

Before becoming involved in politics, Hitler applied several times to The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, hoping to further his artistic career. He was turned down each time, and was forced to live on the streets, selling paintings to tourists and exchanging them in restaurants for meals.

“Cathedral in Vienna”

Image Source

The authenticity of Hitler’s paintings is often hard to prove, as he seldom mentioned the paintings by name or description in his correspondence and diaries. His friend, Reinhold Hanisch, sold fake Hitler paintings during the fuehrer’s reign over Germany, an act that Hitler did not approve of. During Hitler’s youth, Hanisch pushed him to create a painting per day, a grueling pace which otherwise managed to feed them each evening.

Image Source

Example of Hitler’s signature

Image Source

Example of a Fake Hitler signature

“Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus Christ”

Image Source

Hitler’s painting of Mary and child has caused a lot of stir amongst Christians. Hitler himself was a Christian, yet he was the creator of much misery and despair during the Second World War. He has been held responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews, gypsies and people from other social sects that Hitler didn’t deem worthy of being included in his future Germany.

Series of Paintings by Hitler Depicting the Areas He Visited around Europe

Image Source

Image Source

Hitler produced many paintings depicting the areas that he visited. However, he produced a large amount of postcard sized paintings of cathedrals and churches that were popular with tourists.

Image Source

Image Source

He was known to have a varying style, working in oils and watercolor, which makes verification of his paintings even more difficult. In fact, it is said that many of Hitler’s paintings that have previously sold for thousands of pounds may in fact be fakes.

Image Source

Image Source

The tranquility and peacefulness portrayed in Hitler’s paintings belie the atrocities he committed during WWII. One can only wonder how a man who was responsible for so many deaths could paint gentle, colorful paintings of flowers, churches and landscapes.

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neelam pandey, posted this comment on Jul 24th, 2008

very interesting fact and beautiful paintings as well.

GivingTree, posted this comment on Jul 24th, 2008

very nice article! interesting to look at those paintings and imagine the painter as a cruel man capable of such atrocities.

Lost in Arizona, posted this comment on Jul 24th, 2008

I look at these works of art, and I can’t even fathom the atrocities performed on innocent lives committed by this man. Good article.

Chris Hamilton, posted this comment on Jul 24th, 2008

Great article and very unique. I never knew Hitler actually did anything other then plot war crimes against innocent people. Nice pictures to. Great Work

Rana Sinha, posted this comment on Jul 24th, 2008

Very interesting Catherine. Where did you get these pictures?

shea, posted this comment on Jul 24th, 2008

Wow, I knew he painted, and was angry at the jew ran school for rejecting him, but I had no idea that he was this good

shea, posted this comment on Jul 24th, 2008

wow, he was good

art critic, posted this comment on Jul 25th, 2008

Good article. I’m glad you included the part about the counterfeit art, because I couldn’t help but notice that some of the paintings seemed very different from the others. A closer look shows they have the fake signature.

Francois Hagnere, posted this comment on Jul 26th, 2008

Bravo Catherine for this interesting article. Humanity will never forget his crimes. His paintings do not show he will become the murderer we all know. Many thanks also Catherine for your comment on my article about Jean-Frédéric Bazille and Male Nude in Painting.

B Nelson, posted this comment on Jul 26th, 2008

As an artist, I was awayre of this. Hitler also designed buildings, one huge one was never completed but it would have been the worlds largest structure.

R J Evans, posted this comment on Jul 26th, 2008

Most art critics dismiss Hitler’s work as either juvenalia or derivative – whatever the case the diverse styles above show the schizophrenia developing right in front of our eyes. An interesting and educative article – thanks Catherine!

shellbat, posted this comment on Jul 28th, 2008

aaahhh…the duality of man (or monster in this lunatic’s case) ;)

Melanierose, posted this comment on Jul 29th, 2008

So sad what kind of person was behind these beautiful paintings.

Eunice Tan, posted this comment on Aug 7th, 2008

I agree with Melanierose. By the way the article is very interesting Catherine.

Carl, posted this comment on Aug 13th, 2008

Makes sense, he was rejected as an artist and took things to the extreme.

miragana, posted this comment on Sep 15th, 2008

Good day!
It is very informative and has a very good quality in it.
I like it…


Thank you very much for your time.

hitlersucks, posted this comment on Oct 13th, 2008

whats funny is the image for the example of a fake Hitler signature is then the exact signature on one of the paintings a few images down

Escoofield, posted this comment on Oct 13th, 2008

Wow! those are so beautiful and very artistic! I love it!

Escoofield -

Have Fun!

Ben, posted this comment on Oct 13th, 2008

he applied to art college twice, and was turned down. I wonder how different the world would be now if they hadn’t been so critical…

ai-momo.net, posted this comment on Oct 13th, 2008

These are amazing. What about the Snow White ones? Do you know if those are real or fake? I read in an article somewhere that they found some Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Disney) and they think it belongs to Hitler, because he was a huge Snow White fan. Apparently he thought it was the best movie ever made.

WHY didn’t that school accept him? Imagine all the horrifying things that wouldn’t have happened if they had!

mein kampf, posted this comment on Oct 13th, 2008

hitler’s the best.

jess, posted this comment on Oct 14th, 2008

he is like thomas kinkade, but less skillfull

ihr kampf, posted this comment on Oct 14th, 2008

no, thomas kinkade was awful. hitler’s the best.

Deanna, posted this comment on Oct 14th, 2008

You mention that some of his works were actually fakes, and yet you include fake works in the article.

And the difference between his painting style and the fakes is really kinda obvious.

It’s an interesting article, but it would have been nice if you hadn’t treated the fakes as though they were authentic works.

guids, posted this comment on Oct 18th, 2008

a christian? even painted Mary and child beautifully, unimaginable!

Blam, posted this comment on Oct 18th, 2008

Too bad he got denied from art school a few times. Wonder what would have happened…

Ian Jade, posted this comment on Oct 19th, 2008

I love the paintings, but the most amazing thing about this is how little people know about the man they hate so very much.

#25 guids: It’s not unimaginable. You are just not capable of imaginging – or rather realising – it.

Emma, posted this comment on Oct 23rd, 2008

It’s amazing, how these paintings show a side of him most people never knew. I wonder what would have happened, if he’d been accepted into art school?

Opey, posted this comment on Oct 24th, 2008

I’d have to sat that the inspirations outweigh the works themselves. Anyone can be a Xerox machine with enough practice.
They are beautiful none-the-less, but the scenes portrayed were beautiful before the paintings existed.

El 3asaL El MoR, posted this comment on Nov 6th, 2008

Never talk about the deaths of tens of millions of people, including the genocide of six million Jews , we will talk about the human inside Hitler .., just take a look at the other sides in his life, the people have more insides search about it first b4 our opinions!!

dingobully, posted this comment on Dec 11th, 2008

This is the second puff piece on Hitler I’ve seen this week. The other was of the last remaining living maid of his who still sings his praises. What’s going on here?

ashy, posted this comment on Jan 15th, 2009

Amazing, simply amazing. He DID want to be an artist at one point. He just couldn’t get into art school.

Jewish Follower, posted this comment on Jan 21st, 2009

i love hitlers art and ways!!!! what he did was simply beutiful

asshole, posted this comment on Jan 21st, 2009

skat in my mouth

nothing, posted this comment on Jan 30th, 2009

If there wasn’t Hitler, there would have been another powerful individual who would rise from the masses and would do the same thing. The situation Germany was put into, it was just a matter of time before someone like Hitler came out and lead them. It just happened to be Hitler, but if Hitler got into art school, it would probably have been another person’s name in place of Hitler in history right now.

phillip leese, posted this comment on Feb 11th, 2009

hitler was a political genius and a military genius.you cant judge a man you never knew you morons.he was a painter,a creator.he also wanted to create a better germany because germany had suffered under the hands of the evil versaille treaty.it is the jews that are evil,they owned all germanys wealth in the 1920s.it is the jews today that rule the world under evil capitalism where the poor are swept aside to suffer.hitler was a socialist and cared for his own people,and when it was a jew that refused hitler entry into the art accademy,they finally got what they deserved.rest easy mein fuhrer.

sparky, posted this comment on Feb 20th, 2009

they should have let him in to art school he might never have murdered

ezzat, posted this comment on Mar 17th, 2009

they are really nice and beautiful…

Sonoflas, posted this comment on Apr 17th, 2009

who would refuse hitler to art academy and say he has no talent? I thought one went to school to learn.

Unknown, posted this comment on Apr 23rd, 2009

You know, I still think Hitler was a Jerk. But the “Cathedral in Vienna” is kind of interesting. I think he just painted it so people would think different of him.

Neil Armstrong, posted this comment on Apr 28th, 2009

Ok, he was a better painter than a statesman…but he will burn in hell forever. He probably the best friend of the Devil.

Prachanda's son, posted this comment on Apr 28th, 2009

If he was accepted in school, perhaps he would not find enough reason to kill 6 millions of Jews, Gypsys, Gays/Lesbians and, 25 millions of the peoples of Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. But most of all, the innocent Jews’ descendents would not become worse than he was to another nation whose state they stole afterward.

celine dion, posted this comment on Apr 29th, 2009

thanks for posting all these pictures.I had been looking for these picures on Wikipedia but did not find them there.
I wish Hitler had got admitted to some art school….so many innocent people could have been saved this way.MAY ALL THOSE REST IN PEACE FOREVER.

deepa, posted this comment on Apr 29th, 2009


J J Neuman, posted this comment on Apr 30th, 2009

This is just too weird…if these are real, I can’t help to be intriged by the fine work I’m seeing. But, a lot of capable or known artists are tortured individuals and some could also be monsters. It must have been hard to put the right words with this? Thanks for the interesting article.

Awad, posted this comment on Apr 30th, 2009

Hard to believe such a monster can paint such beautiful paintings

you !, posted this comment on May 5th, 2009

i think hitler was born wrong and rised wrong he was beating by his father and when his mother died he was all alone and lost. so i think that his art work was great and little disterbing

Gazason, posted this comment on May 8th, 2009

Hitler, Sharon… all of ‘em are the same thing. Couldn’t we have some better world without such filthy artists?

Fludinho, posted this comment on May 10th, 2009

Imagine if the school did accept him for his painting abilities! he probably wouldn’t have a grudge against Jewish people and world war 2 would have never occurred. Who knows he may have even turned out to be a famous artist!!!.

BC, posted this comment on May 20th, 2009

When I see these pictures and read the comments by other people, I try to see Hitler before he became a dictator. Hitler’s paintings are pretty, but he did not have enough artistic qualities that the school was looking for. (correct me if im wrong).

no name, posted this comment on May 26th, 2009

no comment

leia, posted this comment on May 26th, 2009


Katrina C., posted this comment on May 27th, 2009


MURF, posted this comment on May 28th, 2009

I just was wondering I came across a origional Hitler watercolor whom do you contact to sell this

chiqo, posted this comment on Jun 13th, 2009

I think, that he was a bad painter beacouse he painted that he did not feel… he was a tiran, dictator killer and if he painted these things, he would be a wellknown painter :)

Jack Lewis, posted this comment on Jun 19th, 2009

I think Hitler was a wonderful man and artist. i have pictures of him on my wall and love him. Sometimes i go to sleep thinking about how amazing he is. he IS the love of my life.

Charlotte Jane Atkinson, posted this comment on Jun 24th, 2009

you know, sometimes i think about hitler so much i get a bit excited in my trousers.. other times i have to have a picture of Hitler under my bed for when im feeling a bit ‘alone’.. the man was hot! damn him for being dead.

Raheli Shepherd, posted this comment on Jun 26th, 2009

OMG i love the man! He is my idol. I have kept myself ‘innocent’ until the day i meet the man, the god, my lovely. He is in hiding in Brazil.. he did not kill himself. He told me in a dream that he is waiting for me. Thinking about him makes me scream with excitement. I LOVE HIM,. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Greg Taylor, posted this comment on Jun 26th, 2009

I hate the man. How can anyone kill so many people.. he makes me sick. Frist the oppresion of all the jews, black people and disabled. Then the concentration camps, then the murder of all of them and then the torture of them. The mental strain they must have been under.. i wanted to do that. he beat me to it.. what a b*****d!

TruthAboveAll, posted this comment on Jul 15th, 2009

Best way to spot a Jew in these comments? They use words like “monsters, evil, hateful, diabolical, madness, etc etc” You know what im talking about.

Since the Holohoax never happened what Atrocity are these brainwashed Americans talking about? 3million Jews gassed in a tiny building at Auschwitz? Yeah, and im sure you people still believe in the tooth fairy as well. Get a clue.

The real Holocaust was in Ukraine 1932 were 7-10million Christian were murdered by forced famine. Stalin was bring death and destruction and the Jewish Bolshevik overthrow in Russia was killing innocent Poles, Russians every day.

Americans are just stupid. Its no coincidence the world shares this stereotype. American believe anything they are told. WMD’s in Iraq, Fake Terrorist in Cave controlled by the CIA, Hitler’s bad.. on and on and on.

America attacks the Axis Powers, then turns around and realizes why Europe was fighting the Communist. Guess what the Americans did next? Ba dum ba dum.. they went to war with the Communist. LOL! Cant get any friggin dumber.

America is one gigantic failure. Again, they bomb Serbia who is 90% Christian Orthodox and has been defending Europe’s door from Muslim invasion for 1000+ years. What does America do? they bomb and kill Serbs to protect the Muslim invaders/terrorist in Kosovo. Couple years later what does America declare war on? DING DING DING! “Muslims Terrorist”

You cannot get any dumber then an American. Its simply not possible.

Francis Miville, posted this comment on Jul 27th, 2009

One can have both artistic talent, intellectual genius and genocidal ambitions, that is a plain truth nowadays forgotten or covered up by people who over-identify with their own cultural elite carreers. Take for instance Salvador Dali, even though he remainded a painter, and one of the most gifted of the past century, even though he was the one real genius of the famed surrealist school, he was also a fascist and a totalitarian not unlike any brown-shirt massacre-monger of his times, he himself was an admirer of Franco. In the same way communism started out with exalting scientific discovery over religious common sense, Fascism started out with Nietzsche and others with exalting creative genius over human principles, antisemitism is another code word for trampling upon the golden rule in the name of genius (Jewish law is in principle against pictures, that stands for human talent exalted at the expense of morality), even Jews too like other people are often guilty of the same, in as much as they identify with their own artistic and scientific achievements, which are even greater than the german ones of the 20th century, more than with the divine common sense they are supposed to represent. You may say fascistic regimes are hostile to artistic self-expression and scientific discovery spirit, few realize that the secret ambition of most of these so-called more than human spirits is to be the only ones entitled to create and to leave their marks onto a herd of castrated subjects. Those who burn books, libraries and authors are not illetrate brutes but scholarly advanced people who prefer to deal with a mass of ignoramuses. The world of rock stars and even classical musicians is fuller of power-hungry cynics than the fascist and communist parties proper, John Lennon was even baser is in approach to human issues than Adolf Hitler and Leon Trotsky, he refused to speak to his own father for him having remained a restaurant worker, his musical production looks humanistic only for his market to have been humanistically-fashioned, his real aim was to make it more cynical and make way for the present zeitgeist which is worse than the Weimar republic paradigm. Scientific elites are no better, the few outstanding humanistic figures such as Einstein hide the far greater numbers of those who like Heisenberg don’t give a damn even for the survival of the planet provided their carreer is successful. One even may, with Albert Ellis, speak of an intellectual kind of fascism, which castigates any discrimination based upon skin, sex, flag, creed… but show toward the ordinary people who lead ordinary lives the same contemp as Hitler showed towards conquered people. A purely meritocratic elite based upon liberal humanist ideology could turn out even more murderous in the long run than a racist one for instance. That Hitler started as a not so mediocre figurative painter should be no big surprise to us, after all Nero also had even more justified pretensions to shine onstage than in real life. Hitler and his fellows should also be admired as creative industrial designers ahead of their times, together with the whole Italian fascist avant-garde of the 1920’s, their ambition to beautify the dreary industrial world was not a farce.

Isaac Crutchley, posted this comment on Aug 2nd, 2009

first off, hitler was a god. what he did was what he believed. how can you, who has a mere opinion citicise another opinion. i think you should all f*** off and be quiet. its his opinion and one cannot judge, just either agree or disagree so yeah. personally, i believe very similar beliefs to the genius. i myself am Austrian and have been told i look like hitler… does that mean i should be killed.. thats your opinion. the man was a genius! a god! a true, geniune, REAL sentian being. well played Adolf!

Ashcroft McCarnacle, posted this comment on Aug 6th, 2009

Hitler: change you can believe in.

Jack Fackerell, posted this comment on Aug 10th, 2009

It is amazing how many people find reasons to excuse Hitler for his atrocities and even blame his victims ( “if only poor Hitler would have been accepted into art school, he would have been so different…”). The man clearly had talents, but in the end, he was an insane mass murderer of millions of babies, women, and men. There is no excusing what he and his regime did.It makes me shudder to think that even today there are people who are blinded by racial and religious bigoty and who would defend one such as Hitler.

vanrijngo, posted this comment on Aug 23rd, 2009

I believe I do own a fairly good sized oil painting of Adolf’s of a Great Dane dog Laying down on a large lawn with some impressionistic looking trees in the background. The Great Dane is Whitish Grey in color with a couple of small black patches and black specks on his face while also on most all his body from his collar all the way back from the front legs including the back legs and tail. It is signed A.H. in the right hand corner. It is a very precise lovely painting of this large dog laying down and comfortably looking to the right hand side of the painting with his head up. I purchased this painting from an art dealer and seller from Sweden or Denmark at the turn of the twentieth first century from eBay, with a description saying signed impressionist painting framed nicely, and is 14 1/4″ X 23 1/8″, believed to have been painted in the first part of the twentieth century up to the twenties. I’m looking for someone who could possibly help me out in knowing if this painting was in fact painted by Hitler. I could send pictures if some one wanted to see it that can help me out that knows his works of art style and brush stroke habits. Thanks.

Cam, posted this comment on Sep 6th, 2009

I have heard hitler described as \\\”a failed Austrian house painter\\\”. I would be happy to be able to paint to this standard.

alex, posted this comment on Sep 19th, 2009

it makes me wonder , maybe he was a normal kid . A struggling artist , then later possessed by demons later in life. How come no one gave him and exorcism , it might have worked .

steve, posted this comment on Sep 20th, 2009

Hitler sucked at all things in life!!

josephine palmer, posted this comment on Sep 23rd, 2009

ive known about hitlers artistic ability since i was 8 and im now 18, but seeing this just goes to show who there is more then meets the eye with ppl,

Tom Wiseman, posted this comment on Oct 17th, 2009

Hitler was a frustrated artist. His paintings went nowhere when the art school he applied turned him down. I believe he was sensitive to life as demonstrated in his paintings. It came to a head when he knew he couldn’t be fulfilled as a painter. Much like Charles Manson who was a frustated singer. He listened to the devil. He began to hate and pour forth his “Struggles” against the Jews, then to anyone who was against him. He sent his special police out to get them. He was a success at politics. Germans were beaten after WWI, he brought them out of the depressed mood. He was a great speaker, he certainly moved alot of people to a better life. However, his vision was rotten. Listen to some of his speeches. His plans for the future of the German peoples were incorporated in war. Hitler believed in the two social movements in his day, Nationalism and Socialism. With the ideas of National Socialism he believe he could do no wrong. Everything was for the German people, even if they had to die for it. Along with everyone else who resisted his ideas.
I wonder how many frustrated artists who went in politics are out there ?

assdas, posted this comment on Oct 26th, 2009

Thanks, nice to see such a neutral article, I sincerely appreciate how unbiased this was.

Joe Gerbils, posted this comment on Nov 5th, 2009

Hitler comes round to my place every second Tuesday for tea and crumpets. Come one, come all at 6.30pm sharp. No haters please.

greece, posted this comment on Nov 7th, 2009

Mrs Cathrine South, please to contact me by e mail. Thank you.( ovatask@yahoo.gr)

gofre, posted this comment on Nov 12th, 2009

hitler is the s***

rolfen, posted this comment on Dec 4th, 2009

They should have accepted him to the academy.

EB, posted this comment on Dec 25th, 2009

Yes Rolfen they should have accepted him, and the history may have been different. However, looking at these paintings demonstrate how strange and unimaginative the painter was. These paintings look like cheap post cards, without any inspired artistic view. Each line is at it’s place but the feeling looks absolutely absent…

obgyn, posted this comment on Jan 14th, 2010

wowzers. Hitler was a great man, and a very unique artist. its a shame he comitted suicide… :/

fotzenkopf, posted this comment on Jan 31st, 2010

There’s a film with John Cusack in which the story revolves around what would have happened if Hitler would have become an artist. The film is called “Max” and is from 2002.

Hitler was an atheist, posted this comment on Feb 20th, 2010

Hitler wasn’t a Christian. He pandered to them early in his career, but eventually banned Christianity when they wouldnt cooperate in his schemes. Hitker was an atheist neodarwinist who loved technology, and using it to efficiently kill people, including thousands of Catholic priests and the head of the Lutheran church.

14th October, 1941, midday

“The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death…. When understanding of the universe has become widespread… Christian doctrine will be convicted of absurdity….
“Christianity has reached the peak of absurdity…. And that’s why someday its structure will collapse….
“…the only way to get rid of Christianity is to allow it to die little by little….
“Christianity the liar….
“We’ll see to it that the Churches cannot spread abroad teachings in conflict with the interests of the State.” (p 49-52)

Adolf Hitler in Table Talk

Hitler was an atheist, posted this comment on Feb 20th, 2010

Hitler wasn\’t a Christian. He pandered to them early in his career, but eventually banned Christianity when they wouldnt cooperate in his schemes. Hitker was an atheist neodarwinist who loved technology, and using it to efficiently kill people, including thousands of Catholic priests and the head of the Lutheran church.

14th October, 1941, midday

\”The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death…. When understanding of the universe has become widespread… Christian doctrine will be convicted of absurdity….
\”Christianity has reached the peak of absurdity…. And that\’s why someday its structure will collapse….
\”…the only way to get rid of Christianity is to allow it to die little by little….
\”Christianity the liar….
\”We\’ll see to it that the Churches cannot spread abroad teachings in conflict with the interests of the State.\” (p 49-52)

Adolf Hitler in Table Talk

Google, posted this comment on Mar 28th, 2010

How did this not get hime admited into art school?

hello, posted this comment on Apr 20th, 2010

Hitler was just misunderstood. He was not always a monster, he was once like you and me. But after so many horrible things happened to him (like his younger brother dying from malaria, his mother dying from breast cancer, his father beating him when he was a child, and not to mention getting rejected from art school twice, ask yourself this, what would you be like? I think that its amazing that something so beautiful can come from a person who has been that traumatized.

Reinhard, posted this comment on Apr 21st, 2010

Just a slightly late “Happy Birthday” wish to our late Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, who would have been 121 yesterday! Bless him! We miss you….!!

JOhn, posted this comment on May 1st, 2010

It is a complete insult to call Hitler a Christian. Remove that.

He did not believe, in any way, the teachings of Jesus Christ and at no time did he ever speak the words of Christ. So I ask..what in the world is your motive for saying he was a Christian, when there is not a single reputable source that claims he was a Christian man?

To the utter fool that claimed Hitler was misunderstood–how about taking more than 4 seconds to reach an opinion. Whats to misunderstand about murdering 1/3 of all the Jews on earth?

Catherine South, posted this comment on May 1st, 2010


“My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter.” – Adolf Hitler, in a speech on 12 April 1922 (Norman H. Baynes, ed. The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, April 1922-August 1939, Vol. 1 of 2, pp. 19-20, Oxford University Press, 1942)

Catherine South, posted this comment on May 1st, 2010

(Please note that this article was not about Hitler’s religious beliefs, but the few paintings he produced during his life.)

evett hall, posted this comment on Jun 20th, 2010

as a frustrated artist i can see the sequence of events that lead him down a dark path . However wrong , it was his destiny. The lesson to be learned is why we need to show compassion to our fellow man as a deturant to mental illness ! Its a reaccuring theme( REMEMBER COLINBINE and what set them off).If you beat a dog its going to turn on u.

M.A.F.A, posted this comment on Jun 22nd, 2010

He was a really talented painter ,, But I though he couldn’t draw faces .. Or even humans, which was the reason he was kicked out of the academy though .. He said because they where jews ..

TheEnigmaticMan, posted this comment on Aug 18th, 2010

It is interesting to note that he was capable of such paintings. No doubt the people who mock his ability as an artist are the very same people who criticize his use of propaganda.

TheEnigmaticMan, posted this comment on Aug 18th, 2010

To the indignant Christian JOHn:

You realise that Hitler had incredibly strong ties to the Catholic church? Also, the church is responsible for numerous crimes against humanity; the crusades, witch hunts, clerical child abuse… church and atrocity are not mutually exclusive, indeed, I should say that they are frequent bedfellows.

krishna, posted this comment on Sep 5th, 2010

Good part of Hitler ended way back with these paintings. Later, monster in him had totally failed him in every way as a good man. Is a very sad story for him and for the millions he and his tribe engulped.

Whoever tries to side with Hitler should only imagine if their own kith and kin taken to those Hitler made concentration camps. Nobody should be imposed to do a thing. From that alone evil emerges.

David, posted this comment on Oct 13th, 2010

The fakes are blah. Pretty ordinary art shop filler.
The genuines are… disturbing. Complete lack of emotion to them. Definitely sociopathic.
And if you want a comparison, try Theodore Kittelsen. There are similarities of style in the landscapes Kittelsen painted, but a lot more soul.
What’s more, he didn’t go on to become a mass murderer.
He went on to draw a lot of quite disturbing images of the Black Death and of trolls, and is a well-loved Norwegian national figure.

Go figure.

Dave, posted this comment on Oct 21st, 2010

I find it amazing how some many people condemn Hitler without really knowing anything about the man. My research on Hitler and the National Socialists (Nazi Party) in general has taught me how badly we have all been lied to concerning the history of both world wars. Germany did not start WWI or WWII, it was the British and the French that started world war one, and it was the International Zionist Congress who declared war on Germany in 1933. These two facts are very easy to verify. Germany could only produce enough food to feed 1/3 of its people. In order to obtain the food stuffs for the entire nation Germany relied heavily on foreign trade. When the Zionists declared war on Germany in 1933 they also boycotted all German made goods throughout the world. The Zionists used their banking monopolies to force compliance of this world-wide boycott. If you refused to support the boycott then you went out of business. This is another historical fact that is easy to verify and another historical fact that never seems to find its way onto the History Channel.

I’m not saying Hitler was a great man or even a decent man, only that most of what we have been led to believe about him are lies written by the victors of world war two. The concentration camp Auschwitz has officially revised the numbers of the Jewish dead from 3 million down to 1 million yet the aggregate figure of 6 million jews still hasn’t been changed. Ask yourself why not? The 1.1 million figure isn’t even the proper figure and their are many historians that place the true figure somewhere closer to 300,000 dead at Auschwitz, not by gas chambers, because of Typhus. The American doctors who followed the American armies into the Dachau concentration camp in Germany found no proof of people dying from being gassed. These doctors did hundreds of autopsies and concluded that the majority of the dead prisoners died from typhus.

Most of us have excepted the mainstream version of the Jewish Holocaust on faith alone, supported by hundreds of Hollywood propaganda films depicting the Germans as inhumane, savage killers without conscious or remorse. The facts tell a much different story. Anyone who considers themselves informed or blessed with the ability to think critically should shed all of what they think they know about Hitler and “Nazi” Germany and start from scratch. If you truly want to understand contemporary politics, why nations go to war, etc., then you have to study the past. If Hitler is guilty of crimes against humanity then so is General Eisenhower, who ordered the bombing of Dresden and killed over 120,000 innocent German civilians and starved over 9 million Germans to death after the war. The millions of people that were murdered by the communists regimes in China and Russia (Stalin and Mao) during WWII vastly outnumber the atrocities of the Germans and Hitler, yet we still consider Hitler as the incarnation of Satan himself, how hypocritical.

Lara J., posted this comment on Oct 26th, 2010

I would like to congratulate Dave for his objective thinking, it’s not common to find people getting over details and trying to justify others by understanding the core of their personalities…. Hitler is not a man that I personally respect, but I agree that historical data are not precise…. so Dave, chapeau bas !!!

Charles, posted this comment on Nov 16th, 2010

I am quite taken by the clean lines, use of colors and shadows which gives you depth perception are all equally magnificent. Have any of you ever tried to work with watercolors? I can tell you this man had some raw talent.

I have to be careful what I say; the allied propaganda machine is still running all these years later.

Gabriel, posted this comment on Dec 31st, 2010

May God bless you Dave for being so logical and unbiased. I personally have seen enough evidence to prove to me that Hitler was a visionary, and an upstanding Catholic gentleman. I have gone from a democratic pro-Zionist evangelical to a socialist anti-Zionist traditional Roman Catholic, and through that transformation I have revised almost everything I once believed in. I hate blind hatred, and I hate that which would prevent humanity’s progress, and I believe Hitler was doing the will of God when he saved the Holy Reich from utter destruction. So much of our world now is tainted by propaganda and myth, I only wish there were more people willing to totally free themselves from the Zionist Machine.
Through Christ alone we are saved. Hitler believed this; he was a faithful Catholic, though he began to fade from his right mind due to the drugs he was being poisoned with. I thank you all who defend the dignity of Deutschland and its Fuhrer, and I hope more of you will do so soon. A revolution is coming, people, and this time it is of God. Whatever happens to me, to us, know that the faithful will be saved. Please visit http://www.nsalp.org for the real Nazi party, for a dose of pro-Catholic enlightenment and right reason. In nomine Patris, et Filli, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen.

bethie, posted this comment on Jan 19th, 2011

wow he was a bit of a girl drawing pretty flowers

Klaus, posted this comment on Feb 7th, 2011

Adolf Hitler was rejected TWICE by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. They told him that he was unfit for painting and that his abilities were for architecture. He was convinced by that but when he signed up for it, he was told that he lacked the proper academic preparation for architecture school.

This seems to be a normal artist trying to enter art school, but it isn’t. His mother died and so he and his siblings became orphans. He struggled during those times, selling his paintings to survive. The second time he was rejected, he had no money at all. So, basically, the academy was like his only hope.

Sure, he did really bad things but if we look at it clearly, LITTLE THINGS CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING. If he was accepted, world history would have been very much different. Basically because, he wouldn’t be a frustrated artist and then a bitter man.

Jojihi, posted this comment on Feb 10th, 2011

Look at the 4th painting, Mary and Jesus are represented being blond with blue eyes, what hitler would call a arian. As Jesus and Mary were originally jews, they wouldn’t look like this.

Don, posted this comment on Apr 24th, 2011


Years ago I went to Auriesville N.Y., a Jesuit retreat. I eventually ended up in a break room where visitors could small talk while having coffee. I notice there was about 25 or so variations of the Madonna hanging on the room walls, that were from many different cultures and nation’s. Semite, Japanese, African, Spanish, Irish, Italian, North American and so on and so on. They were from all different lands. I can understand why a German would project what is familiar to them when it comes to the Madonna. I think that it’s understanding why he would project his ethnic tradition as all Mothers are sacred and Divine. Hitler did in fact loved his mother dearly. Most research historical historians will even say this its true.

Larry, posted this comment on May 3rd, 2011

Nice Paintings,To bad he had a bad teacher that failed
him and turn his futher the wrong direction.
Take it from Hitler, be careful how you treat each other.
You never know what you caused.

zox, posted this comment on May 3rd, 2011

very interesting.does anybody know,anyone who seriosly was researching hitlers paintings,maybe art historian,art dealer,maybe have phd in this matter.i mean who can expertise a picture and say,this is AH s work.maybe theres institucion to do this.

artist, posted this comment on Jun 24th, 2011

Hitler surely could have ended up a great artist so it’s wierd to think all great artists could have ended up like Hitler :) … poor guy i want to kill whatever made him give up on art… >:(

Bonnie, posted this comment on Jul 27th, 2011

My fave painting is “Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus Christ” even though they don’t look like that i still like it, but they should have accepted him ckus if they did i bet he wouildn’t have done what he did.

Don, posted this comment on Aug 6th, 2011


Mother “Mary” represents for Christians, “Our Universal” Divine Mother. It is a lovely painting in its simplicity and message. I can tell you that you have a gentle heart and a good eye for the message.

Bonnie, I am writing a book about Germany from WW I & WW II. Having been a Veteran of the Vietnam War, I can tell you that propaganda lies confuse people from the truth. That’s why the emotional confusion when our eyes reveal lovely art and then have people tell us something bad about the person who did it.

I have seen what our Military has done to third world people, the murder of men, women and children for corporate contracts, etc.
We have all been lied to about good people and history.

john prouzos, posted this comment on Aug 28th, 2011

i always wantet to see wat paintings this crazyman of history didpaint.im very supriesed at the calmnes and peacefoulnes of his paintings.im supriesed there outlowed in germany plus ather countrys,ive seen worst artists gating praezed for ther work,and there not even half asgood.well life is wat you make withit.shit hapens.good job cathrine (shory for the spelling)

mike Rdeze, posted this comment on Oct 10th, 2011

yo john learn how to fucking spell .damn you even spelled sorry wrong . how much schooling do you have

rdeze69, posted this comment on Oct 11th, 2011

jesus dosent anybody visit this website youwould think it was a death site . well anyway hail hitler …………….NOT! its amazing that such a vile person could create such beutiful artwork i guess thatall psycopaths need a pass time

YADA, posted this comment on Jan 18th, 2012


Bruno, posted this comment on Feb 27th, 2012

The man was a true genius (albeit a madman) but often genius is misused. What he did to innocent is sickening it’s too bad his artistic side couldn’t have come to the forefront first.
Instead of being HATED he would have been loved and respected.

Bruno, posted this comment on Feb 27th, 2012

The man was a true genius (albeit a madman) but often genius is misused. What he did to innocent is sickening it\’s too bad his artistic side couldn\’t have come to the forefront first.
Instead of being HATED he would have been loved and respected.

Anti-modern-art, posted this comment on Mar 2nd, 2012

I suppose today he would be rejected by art school too. A hundred years ago, because his painting was not excellent, today, because his art has nothing common with lama guano or rotten meat.
I like his autoportret on bridge. Small, sad, alone crazy man (or maybe I feel like that).

Hans-Solo, posted this comment on Jan 18th, 2013

Thanks, Catherine, I never saw those before, came across that subject reading the Eduard Bloch-memories (Hitler-family doctor) on Paul Eisen’s Blog:


There are many very troubling facets about Hitler’s anti-Semitism and his alledged War-Mongering that are witheld (deliberately?) from the public:

- “Hitlers jewish Soldiers” by Bryan Rigg, talking about 150.000 Wehrmachts-Soldiers of jewish desent.

- “Ha’avara-Abkommen” (Edwin Black’s “Transfer-Agreement”) – the Nazi-Zionist-collaboration in creating Israel.

- The Madagascar-Plan, if Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews, why would the Intellectuals be able to leave Germany, nearly 300.000 of the 500.000 Jews of Germany from ‘33-’39 – wouldn’t extermination of a people start with their intellectual classes? Makes no sense.

- The Typhus-Lice-Zyklon-B-Gaschamber-Hairshaving-Complex is so much flawed and distorted in it’s mainstream representation – it stinks!

Many greetings from Germany! (and no, I’m neither a Nazi nor a Jewhater, I just want to know the Truth)

guest march10, posted this comment on Mar 10th, 2013

When he tried to paint people they looked awkward and amateurish but I actually like his landscapes.

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